It’s been said that the world is a scene of changes. The Last Resort Inn has itself been the “scene of changes” since its construction in 1883 by Civil War Captain Barney Dyckman.

Reflection of InnOriginally known as Park Grove Place, the inn was purchased by Louis and Nettie Schrayer in 1923, and renamed “The Plaza.” During this period there were fish dinners on Friday nights and spaghetti dinners on Saturdays. After dinner, the table cloths would be rolled up and, the poker chips would come out.

The inn still has the original house croupier used to rake in the chips, as well as the original tables and dishes from the 1920’s.

In the early years of the building’s history, the staff lived up on the top floor, where friends and lovers signed their names on the chimney.  The chimney is located on the third floor inside the Penthouse Harbor Suite, where friends and lovers have autographed it since 1923.

The Inn was closed in 1959 and virtually abandoned for twenty years until in 1979 Mary Hammer, the current innkeeper, purchased the building. After four years of renovation The Last Resort opened in 1983, and South Haven’s oldest Inn was back in business as South Haven’s very first Bed and Breakfast Inn.

In 2018 Mary will be celebrating her 35th year of buisness. Nettie Shrayer was the only other owner/operater to run it for 30 years. ( All other spans of the Inn’s life were run by managers, with the exception of the last owner who tried to keep it running for a few years before closing it in 1959.)